Couldn’t Ask For More

My ten year old kitty companion Bandy passed away suddenly last week and I can't believe she's gone. Her ashes were returned to me today through the vet's office in Kerrville. The blue urn is pretty and is a perfect resting place for Bandy. The poems and seeds are a very nice touch and I'll plant them in her memory. I was so amazed and happy to receive the paw print and stand! What a thoughtful gesture! Thank you so much! Ten years ago, Paws in Heaven cremated my 22 year old cat and did a great job. Also, my husband was killed in a plane crash in 2004. A year to the day later, his beloved cat Desi passed away. Desi had been with my husband in 48 states. I scattered my husband's ashes from an airplane as per his wishes and scattered Desi's ashes with his. Paws in Heaven did a wonderful job with Desi, too. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, kindness and good work.

Teresa J Smith, Feb 2019

Our Sweet Begonia

We were so unbelievably touched by the tender care provided by Paws in Heaven to our sweet kitty, Begonia, who ended her life of 21+ years at her last visit to Dr. Leakey at Canyon City Animal Hospital last Friday. The sweet paw print, cedar box and book marks accompanying her ashes returned to us today will remain special parts of our lives. We thank you for your kindness.

Cox, Jan 2019

Memories Forever

I would like to express our gratitude for the care and compassion you have bought to us during our grief of our Toby Cat. Toby is the 2nd cat in 7 years we have lost to an early illness, both under the age of 11. Both sent to you for cremation.
My thanks to the very sweet woman that treated me like family, over the phone, with my teary questions and concerns. My husband and I cherish and took great relief from the paw print of Toby, the little cards with the beautiful words, bloom memorial and the personal sympathy card enclosed with Toby's ashes. All very special. Y'all have given us strength and memories, when we are still cloudy and numb from our grief.
Warmest Regards to all at Paws In Heaven.

Ellis Debbie, Oct 2018

More than expected, exactly what was needed

I was very hesitant about coming out to Paws In Heaven. They were recommended by my vet and by the emergency hospital. I had read some online reviews and saw not to favorable responses. The loss of my puppy was unexpected and sudden but Donna did everything thing she could to make sure I could bring him in as soon as possible. She was very kind and professional during this very emotional time. Since the change of ownership, the staff still strives to keep the business customer focused versus a corporate entity. She and Brian made the hardship of losing my family member a little easier to cope with. There were two walk in customers and Donna treated each of the with kindness and empathy during their grieving and highly emotional time. Loving a loved one is a part of life and is always difficult. The staff at Paws in Heaven understand this and do everything the can to make that time period just that more bearable. I would recommend them to any of my friends to handle the last trip of they loved pet.

Chris, Sep 2018

Thank you

I took Siam, my beloved, devoted, companion of 22 years, to Paws in Heaven. I couldn't be more pleased with the respect, dignity, and care she received from the staff. I have no doubt that I placed Siam in the right hands, at the time of her death.

I especially want to thank Peggy for her comforting words to me.

Lindy Sohn, Jul 2017

Can’t say enough great things about how wonderful you were

We're so devastated over the loss of our Beautiful Girl "Bella" who died so unexpectedly and was brought out of grief by this wonderful place "Paws in Heaven". Everyone who we came in contacted with, showed so much love and kindness, when we needed it most. The owner Tom, his son Tom, Dorothy, Peggy and Brian all took such great care of Bella when we took her there Monday 7/6/15 after she died at Sonterra Pet Hospital. The owner even went out of his way to inquire about our other dog Bentley that was at home not knowing what had happen to his sister Bella. Tom took a paper towel and wiped Bella face,put it in a bag and said take this home so Bentley can smell it and know what has happen to Bella. I was so taken by his kindness and thoughtfulness.
When we returned on Wednesday afternoon 7/8 for Bella's private cremation. Tom's son Tom could not have be more kind and thoughtful. He brought Bella to their Chapel and we got to spend time with her before her cremation. They had cleaned her up so beautifully and she look like she was just lying there asleep. We found out later that Peggy had made our girl look so nice for us to see for the last time. My husband than summoned Tom when we were finished being with our girl and walk us to the chamber where Bella would be cremated. This is were we got to meet Brian, who was very kind and ask us about Bella. We stood and watched as Brian put our Bella into the chamber and closed the door. We then went back with Tom to the office and had such a wonderful conversation about the same place he and his wife Lisa had lived which is the same place we were from before moving to TX. It made us get our mind off our sadness and made for a nice hours conversation before Peggy arrived with Bella's urn. I can't say enough great things about how wonderful they made us feel. Thanks to all of you (Tom, Tom's son, Dorothy, Peggy and Brian) for make a sad time in our life be a pleasant one. We'll never forget you all.

Barbara and Joe, TX, Jul 2017

Thank you for being gentle and caring.

Just received Kitty's ashes from my vet. When I got home to open the box, her beautiful urn was gently packaged with Kitty's certificate and some seeds to plant. You can tell they handled Kitty like the princess she was. Thank you for being gentle and caring. It's been exactly one week from today of Kitty's passing. We are still grieving but now we know she's with us again in our home

Liche Cavazos, Jul 2017

I highly recommend Paws In Heaven…

Tom and Sue Ann were so compassionate and sympathetic over our lose, everything was done in a very professional manner...We had our Shorty cremated and placed in a special personalized urn, the etched marble with his portrait was perfect, so much so we both bawled like babies when we saw it, we will have him forever...If ever you have that special 4 legged family member pass, I highly recommend Paws In Heaven...

Joy Stockton Shronce, Jul 2017